How to Play

Before the first race you must submit your season predictions to confirm your intention to play.
You will also need to provide up to two email addresses, one of these must be verified with each race submission and any other entries will be excluded. This will ensure the confirmation email is sent to the player as this is proof of your selections should a discrepancy occur.

Before each race you should submit your race predictions.
Select 5 drivers, 1 from each of the 5 tiers
Select who you think will get Pole Position.
Select who you think will set the fastest lap.
Select who you think will set the fastest pit stop.
Select who you think will be voted 'Driver of the Day'.

You will need to submit by 7pm on the Thursday prior to the each race (or Wednesday for Monaco) for the selections to apply. Selections received after this time will apply to the subsequent race.


Each driver will be placed in 1 of 5 tiers, the initial tiers will be as per the 2018 championship standings. The tiers will be changed after the 7th (Canada) and 14th (Italy) races to reflect the 2019 standings at the time.
Failure to submit after a tier change will cause all player selections to be randomised for the next race and beyond until a submission is received.

Random Driver

There will be a random option for each selection. There is no need to select the Random driver unless you wish to. Selecting the Random driver will randomly select a driver in that list or tier (you will not know the driver at the time.) You can change this at any time and have a mixture of random and selected drivers.

Scoring Points

Correct Pole: 15 pts
Correct Fastest Lap: 15pts
Correct Fastest Pit Stop: 10pts
Correct Driver of the Day: 10pts

Tiered Scoring
Any selected driver finishes…
1st: 20 pts
2nd: 19 pts
3rd: 18 pts
Down to 20th: 1 pt

If a selected driver retires during a race (or does not start) they will score -5 points.

Positioning Points

Each of your selected drivers (from the tiers) will score 1 point for each position gained from their grid position to their finishing position. If your driver finishes in a position lower than their grid position then 1 point will be lost for each position lost.


1. Max Verstappen's grid position is 10th and he finishes in 5th place.

Max will score 16 points for finishing in 5th place.
He will also score 1 point for each of the 5 places he made up in the race. Which is an additional 5 points.

Total points: 16 + 5 = 21 points

2. Romain Grosjean's grid position is 5th and he finishes in 10th place.

Esteban will score 11 points for finishing in 10th place.
He will also lose 1 point for each of the 5 places he lost in the race – a total of 5 points.

Total points: 11 – 5 = 6 points.

3. Daniil Kvyat's grid position is 7th but he takes revenge on Max Verstappen for taking his seat previously and takes out both their cars in a moment of insanity.

Daniil gets five points deducted for not finishing the race, he does not lose any further points for losing positions.

Total points: 0 - 5 = -5 points

The above examples only show the points scored in the race from the tiered drivers and exclude other points on offer.

Online Selections

Selections can be changed as often as you wish – the last submission before the race will always be used and any previous versions will be ignored.

All submissions must be made through this website. Submissions via email or text will not be accepted.

The website also works on most mobile browsers, JavaScript must be enabled.

The email address is mandatory on any submissions made. This will email (to the address specified) a copy of selections made and must be retained for any issues. Only submissions from the email addresses registered prior to the season start will be accepted. Changes to your nominated email address can be requested to

An email address field will be on the end of year predictions too, you will receive a confirmation email including your selections. The predictions are 'sealed' and will not be disclosed to all players until the season end. We can provide you with a copy of your own predictions on request though.

End of Season Predictions

A selection should be made at the beginning of the season via the website to suggest who you think will finish in the top 3 positions in the Drivers and Constructors Championships, the order will now again affects the points (unlike 2018!). Your predictions will (or rather could) be worth additional points to you at the end of the season. The points will be awarded as follows for both driver and team selections:

Correctly predicting the championship winner: 50 points
Correctly predicting the runner up: 32 points
Correctly predicting 3rd place: 18 points

If your selected driver/team places in the top three but not in the position you selected you will recieve 1/2 points for the position (25, 16 or 9 points respectively).

Potentially your predictions could net you up to an additional 200 points.

The predictions will be ‘sealed’ until the end of the season with these points added to the total of all other points earned during the season.

You will be given the option to review and re-submit your predictions at any time during the first half of the season. Changes prior to 7pm on the 22rd May will incur a 25% deduction, any made until 7pm 31st July will incur a 50% deduction.

The ‘Joker’ card

On the End of Season Predictions form submitted at the beginning of the season you will also be able to choose a race at which to play your ‘Joker’. Your ‘Joker’ will net you double points for the race of your choice.
Where races are cancelled, regardless of the reason, all players will get zero points. If you play your joker on a cancelled race, (which effectively scores you 2 x zero), there will be no scope for you to move your joker to another race. With this in mind, before placing your joker, consideration should be given to races where known contractual disputes remain, or potential for extreme weather or political unrest, make cancellation a possibility.

Highest Points Scorer 'Mini Game'

This year we will have a small monetary prize to the person scoring the highest number of points in races 1 to 11.

There will also be a prize for the highest points scorer for the final 10 races of the season. (Hungarian Grand Prix to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.) This will not be their combined score for all 20, but just the cumulative score for the final 10 races.

The points totals will include the ‘Joker’ and ‘End of Season Predictions’ bonus points.

Entry Fee & Prizes

The entry fee this year will remain at £25 a head, £10 of which goes towards the end of season prize-giving curry drink-up.

For each entrant the £25 will be split as follows: £10 towards the curry, £7 towards 1st prize, £4 towards 2nd prize and £2 towards 3rd prize, £1 towards race 1 to 10 winner, £1 towards race 11- final race winner.

Prizes are dependent on the number of people playing. If 20 people play this year the following prizes will be available. It should be noted the figures will reduce or increase based on the above ratio.

Curry-night kitty £200

First Prize £140
Second Prize £80
Third Prize £40

Highest points scorer for races 1 -10 £20
Highest points scorer for races 11 - final race £20

The highest points scorer prizes are dependent on a sufficient number of players to ensure the main prizes remain of substantial value.

As usual, the overall winner will also be presented with the trophy, which will have his or her name beautifully varnished in place in perpetuity (alongside the previous winners), and the prestigious title, 'F1 Pundit of the year'. Various other non-monetary prizes will also be presented on the night.

The last place finisher has usually been asked to consume a Phaal or Vindaloo at the curry. This hasn’t always (ever?) happened. If anyone has any suggestions for alternative forfeits please email us (

By tradition, the prize night will once again be on the Monday immediately after the last race, which this year is 2nd December.

Entry Conditions

The entry fee of £25 is due in full by midnight on Saturday March 30th. The deadline will be strictly enforced and players missing it will be excluded. Entry fees will only be accepted by electronic transfer to the new bank account details below. No cash or cheques will be accepted this year.
A/C Name: Mr Andrew Fosker
A/C No: 86240374
Sort code: 51-81-22
Please add your name to the transaction narrative and email Andy ( to say you've made the payment.

Applicable Deadline Dates

The ‘Joker’ and End of Season Predictions must be submitted via the website by 7pm Thursday March 13th.
Online selections should be made by 7pm on the Thursday before the race. (Except Monaco where selection should be made by 7pm on Wednesday.)

Everyone’s selections will be issued by email on the Thursday evening or on the Friday before the race.

The scores/leaderboard will be issued on the Sunday evening or on the Monday after the race.

If you change your End of Year Predictions they should be made before 7pm on the Thursday before the Hungary Grand Prix.

The winner of the first Highest Points Scorer ‘Mini Game’ will be announced with the scores/leader boards after the 10th race.

The final scores, End of Year Predictions scores, overall winner, 2nd place, 3rd place, winner of the second ‘Mini Game’ and any other winners or losers will be announced at the curry on 26th November.


Data and results will be obtained from the official Formula 1 website –

Finishing results and confirmation of qualifying will be obtained after the race on Sunday evening. All individual race results for our game will be as they stand on the website at the later of 7pm UK time or 6 hours from the official start time of the race and are final.

Any outstanding objections or yet to be applied penalties will be ignored. And no retrospectively applied penalties (after the results are obtained on the Sunday) will apply for the purpose of this game. However this does mean if penalties are applied after qualifying or the race before the results are obtained after the race they will apply to the results used for calculating the points.

Season end positions for drivers and teams for our game will be as they stand on the website on 25th November at 7pm local UK time and are final.

Please contact us ( if further clarification on any of the rules is required.